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Welcome to The Department. Lets save the world.

As a Level 1 agent you are being asked to be our eyes and ears on the ground and in your area. You may have some skills that brought you to The Department‘s attention, but this is a general introduction booklet, please follow up with your recruiter with any questions you may have. To this end you’ve been assigned a Department Access Comm, please ensure that you review the instruction manual for how to use this device and access your Department communications. You are required to check in regularly with your recruiter, at least once a month and any communications that are not responded to will be noted in your record.

Perhaps you are not yet an Agent and have only been considered for Agency. Please feel free to review the information in this document and use it to help you make your decision.

A brief history

Most everyone has heard of The Department, but we will begin with a brief overview assuming that you have not. If you are familiar with us please feel free to skip to the next section. The Department was founded in 1946 shortly after the United Nations. The design and intent was to have a extra governmental body empowered with the decision making ability to handle extraordinary international problems. The original title, The Supernational Emergency Handling Department or SHED, was used until its eventual separation from the UN. Originally lead by Tim Schattenjager, SHED was employed by the UN to handle international events, primarily diplomacy and coordination of efforts and resources. It enabled law enforcement units and military units of different nationalities to coordinate efforts and share supplies. Initially SHED had no direct involvement in these events, purely in a position of resource management, as they lacked resources and skilled staff of their own. The activities of SHED are mostly held as a close secret to the members of the UN council, even to this day their involvement in major world events of the time remains classified. In May of 1972 newly elected UN secretary Kurt Waldheim announces that SHED is being de-coupled from the UN to form the independently run Department. It is made known that during it’s time of operation under UN supervision it has been able to secure resources through cooperation with partnering nations in order to form an independently operating organization run by Richard Belmont. It is at this time that the Department’s activities go from being classified to being totally unknown. Operating outside of governmental regulations the Department is now a totally self-sufficient and self-governing body. The Department agrees to meet bi-annually for an official debriefing with the UN, and has assigned a permanent liaison to answer respond to UN requests. For most intents and purposes the Department is treated as a member nation by UN staff and officials.


From that time on the Department has maintained friendly relations with any UN member nation, and operates with an unparalleled level of freedom on international matters. The Department employs members from all parts of the globe regardless of nationality. Agents operate primarily within their countries of origin, except in rare and extenuating circumstances. Generally only level 10 agents are allowed to travel internationally on Department business, and level 10 agents are always used when the Department becomes involved in international crisis.

Most of the time agents are drawn from the pool of those agents available locally. The Department employs many thousands of agents all over the world and there are no shortage of agents and recruits to draw from at any time. Agents are employed for many skills and specializations and a well rounded set of individuals is nearly always available, regardless of location.

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