House Rules

The Department uses the FATE Core rule system, a system that is highly mod-able or “hack”-able. Listed below are the hacks used for The Department.

Skills Overcome Create Advantage Attack Defend
Athletics x x x
Biology x x
Burglary x x x
Contacts x x x
Computers x x x x
Current Events x x
Deceive x x x
Drive x x x
Electronics x x
Empathy x x x
Fight x x x x
Linguistics x x
Mechanics x x
Notice x x x
Physique x x x
Provoke x x x
Rapport x x x
Resources x x
Scholar x x
Shoot x x x
Will x x x

PCs in The Department have the following:

  • Your department level as a free character aspect. e.g. “level 3 agent”
  • A Department Access Comm as a free extra.

House Rules

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